Friday, August 31, 2007

OHCHR Wants High-level Panel on Disappearances

The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)-Nepal on Thursday called on the government to from an independent high-level commission on missing persons.The OHCHR call came as the world celebrated the International Day of the Disappeared on Thursday.According to the UN body, hundreds of individuals disappeared in Nepal during the decade-long conflict, including those held in secret detention centres and tortured in army barracks or disappeared after being abducted by Maoists."The OHCHR-Nepal has continually urged the Government of Nepal to establish a commission to investigate the whereabouts of the disappeared and to prosecute individuals from both parties to the conflict who are found responsible for those acts," a press release issued by the OHCHR said.Acting Representative of OHCHR-Nepal, Sandra Beidas, said that the historic June 1 verdict of the Supreme Court on the missing persons should be followed and a commission of inquiry based on international human rights standards set up."This decision raised hopes that steps would finally be taken to meet the families' demands for truth, justice and reparations. However, three months later the Supreme Court ruling has yet to be implemented," the statement said."The relatives of those who disappeared have the right to know the full truth about what happened to their loved ones and to seek justice and reparations," the OHCHR stated.According to it, steps should be taken as per the SC ruling. It will show that the eight-party government is seriously tackling the issue of disappearances and taking steps to prevent them from recurring in Nepal, the OHCHR added.

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