Thursday, February 21, 2008

CA Court Seeks Funds, Staff

Now that the process for the Constituent Assembly election has formally begun, the newly formed CA court on Wednesday asked the finance ministry to manage staff and funds for its daily operations.Registrar of the CA court Nahakul Subedi on Wednesday made this demand during a meeting with Bidhyadhar Mallik secretary at the finance ministry.Secretary Mallik suggested the court registrar to manage operations in the court in a simple manner and not expect huge funds from the ministry.Subedi said the CA court will be established on the Supreme Court premises and cases will be heard by the bench of the CA court judges, who will also continue to work as the SC justices.The CA Court will begin its function to decide on cases because the process of the CA election has already begun with the political parties on Wednesday filing a closed list of candidates for the proportionate representation election system on Wednesday.The CA Court will look into the disputes regarding CA election and decide about the qualification of the candidates. The CA Court is the final authority to decide on cases relating to the CA.

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