Friday, February 08, 2008

Shivpuri case: Experts analysing evidence

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) is expecting suggestions from the visiting foreign forensic experts on whether to dig up the Shivpuri area for evidence.
The rights body is expected to decide whether to dig up the site after getting preliminary report from the visiting forensic experts on controversial Shivpuri human bodies buried case. The NHRC is expected to get the report within next ten days.
“After their recommendation we will decide what steps to be taken further,” NHRC member Gauri Pradhan told .
Finnish forensic experts Ranta Helena and Saukko Bikko have currently been analysing the testimonies found in the Shivpuri area after their preliminarily examination of the site. They had arrived Kathmandu on Sunday.
According to Pradhan, they are currently busy on technical work with the assistant of domestic experts’ team lead by Dr Harihar Wosti.
The NHRC had invited the forensic experts to investigate the Shivpuri area on suspicion that 49 Maoists’ cadre disappeared from the Maharajgunj-based Bhairav Nath Battalian of the Nepal Army were killed and buried in the area.
While the technical team has authority to decide whether or not to exhume the suspected site, the NHRC would endorse its decision.
“They are free to decide the steps to be taken further in this case. We will only endorse their decision,” Pradhan added.

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