Thursday, February 21, 2008

SC moved against Upper Karnali project

A writ petition was filed today at the Supreme Court challenging the government’s decision on the Upper Karnali hydro-electricity project claiming that the government signed the contract by violating the Interim Constitution of Nepal, 2007.Gorakh Bahadur BC, permanent resident of Meyalgudi VDC-9, Kalikot District, and Ram Singh Rawal, permanent resident of Latikoili VDC-8, Surkhet, jointly filed the petition on Monday.The Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet, Ministries of Water Resources, Science and Technology, Environment, and Finance and the parliamentary committee on Natural Resources and Finance, the Electricity Development Department, the Nepal Electricity Authority and the GMR Limited, Hyderabad, India, are the defendants in the case.The petitioners have claimed that the government signed an agreement on the Upper Karnali project, but information regarding the project has not been made public.“The government has been hiding information on the Environmental Impact Assessment of the project,” they said.

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