Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Committee did not needs govt letters: AG

After one day of seeking governtment letter by The recently formed Constitution Drafting Committe, Attorney General Yagyamurti Banjade has said. that committee have need not to wait for letters from the government to start its job.

“Their help was asked by the political parties and as such, there was no need of any formal letter from the government for the commission to start work,” Banjade said, adding, “The members of the committee can start work. The government can provide staff, office and other infrastructure if they need.”

Banjade said the political parties should provide support if they want. Banjade also argued that there was no question of the committee members taking oath of office as the committee is not a government body.

The Attorney General added that the committee members being legal experts, the parities sought their help to prepare the draft but the draft they prepare will not be the final document. “The political parties would make the draft final and would send it to the government to declare that as the interim Constitution,” he said. He added there is confusion over who will announce the Constitution.

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