Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Nepalese lawyer louds UN role
Advocate Dinesh Tripathi on the Convention "Nepal Today." organised in United Nations Association said that King force to step-down under the historic, courageous movement of Nepali people. Nepali people have shown tremendous courage and brevity against ruthless, authoritarian and military regime of the king. April revolution of Nepal is set an example in the contemporary world. April evolution of Nepal established the example that people are ultimate master of their own fate and bold and courageous step of people could transform the society and topple down even well organized military regime. Historic changes are taking place in Nepal currently. But Nepal’s journey toward full and complete democracy is not the free of risk and challenges. There is whole lot of risk and challenges are ahead.
He told futher that Nepal’s democratization process is full of risk and obstacle. King is down but he is not out. Military is still not under civilian control. No credible peace process is started yet. Nation has long way to go to establish full and genuine democracy and ensure a socio economic justice for vast majority of people. Nepal has to chart a new course of the history to implement the mandate and aspiration of April Revolution. People are aspiring a polity based on human rights, rule of law and democratic republication. People want be full sovereign and want to make new Constitution by themselves and for themselves.
World community must give its active support to democratization process of Nepal. UN System has bigger role to play in this context. UN should actively and creatively engage in the Nepal ‘s democracy building and peace process. UN should facilitate credible peace process and provide its expertise and resources to build sustainable peace and democratic institution in Nepal. UN ‘s role could be important in this context. UN has resources and credibility. Under the UN charter member states are agreed to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms. At this point Nepal needs huge humanitarian operation too.
Nepal must immediately ratified Rome statute of International Criminal court. ICC could be the most effective tool to end impunity and conduct free and impartial trial. Perpetrator must be held accountable and must be punished for their misdeeds. Un should also exert pressure to the Nepali government to ratify to ICC convention otherwise it should consider creating a special tribunal for Nepal to conduct fair trial. Now both the party should abide by the norms of international human rights and Geneva Convention. UN should closely monitor the behavior of both parties. No one should allow violating the code of conduct and disrupting the peace process. This is the defining moment in our history but our democratization process is still very weak and fragile. Failure of successful management of peace and democratic transition in Nepal will lead toward the total disaster. It will also create a huge problem of regional peace and security. It will have a big regional implication. So stakes are very high and world community should creatively and actively engage in the Nepal ‘s democratic peace building process and extend helping hand.

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