Monday, June 19, 2006

Rayamajhi vows to push on with probe

Krishna Jung Rayamajhi, chairman of the High Level Probe Commission, on Sunday said he was aware that the investigations being carried out by the commission could face hurdles.

"We are not too sure if we can carry out our tasks unhindered," he said during a face-to-face program with district level party leaders and persons injured during people's movement II in Butwal. "Since our probe has a broader periphery, obstacles might be created at any point." However, he warned those hindering the commission's probe would not be spared.

The former Supreme Court justice also said that the commission would go to people if there was any obstacles during its assigned tasks. "It will be our weakness if we are unable to complete the duty given to us by the people," he said.

He also assured that no one, including those meddling in the people's movement, inciting people and giving directions to thwart the movement. and human rights abusers, would be spared by the commission.

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