Friday, June 23, 2006

High level commission asks government to keep 13 people under surveillance
The High Level Commission headed by Krishna Jung Rayamajhi to probe the atrocities committed to suppress the popular movement of the country has asked the government to put 13 individuals, including few members of the former government, under surveillance. The commission said that their interrogation is scheduled to begin very soon in the case of their involvement in suppressing the popular movement.
“Cases have been filed against those individuals and the commission needs to question them. The government should ensure that they are available for interrogation,” reports quoted a member of the commission requesting anonymity as saying.According to the commission, the 13 individuals are, Dr Tulsi Giri, former vice-chairman of the government led by the King, Kamal Thapa, former home minister; Niranjan Thapa, former minister for law, justice and parliamentary affairs; Badri Mandal, former minister for land reform and management, Tanka Dhakal, former minister for information and communication, Salim Miya Ansari, former minister for forest and soil conservation, Shrish SJB Rana, former minister of state for information and communications; Senate Shrestha, former minister of state for education and sports, Jagat Gauchan, former minister of state for for education and sports, Nikshya SJB Rana, former minister of state for Health and Population, Sacchit SJB Rana, former member of the Raj Parishad Standing Committee, Bharat Keshar Simha, honorary ADC of the King, and Sharad Chandra Shah, the key advisor to the King.According to reports, the first phase of interrogation is likely to begin on Monday.
The commission is also planning to interrogate nine suspended security officials, including then security chiefs Shyam Bhakta Thapa, Sahabir Thapa and Devi Ram Sharma on Tuesday.
The government suspended them on the recommendation of the commission on May 12.
Meanwhile reports said that Sharad Chandra Shah, who was a key advisor to the King, left for Bangkok on Wednesday.

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