Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rayamajhi Panel Grills Dr Giri, Rana, Mandal
Senior vice-chairman of the King's erstwhile cabinet, Dr Tulsi Giri, was today grilled by the high-level investigation commission headed by former Supreme Court judge Krishna Jung Rayamajhi over his role in suppressing the April democratic movement in which at least 23 people lost their lives and hundreds suffered injuries, torture and threatening.

Giri reached the commission office at around 10:50 am. Before entering the commission office, Dr Giri said he decided to present himself before the commission as he believed in rule of law.

Similarly, a minister in the royal government, Nichchhe SJB Rana was also grilled by the commission. Rana reached the commission at around 11 am. Likewise, former royal government minister Badri Prasad Mandal also gave his statement.

The commission had summoned the three in connection with the probe into use of excessive force to suppress the democratic movement when they were in power.

Earlier, The High Level Probe Commission has summoned Dr. Tulsi Giri, Vice Chairman of the Royal government and two other ministers Badri Mandal and Nikshya Shumsher Rana to be present at the commission at 11 a.m. on Tuesday for explanation. Letters regarding summon were handed over at their residences on Sunday, said the commission.
After they furnish their explanations, explanation will be sought from others in the initial list, security personnel and civil servants, who were suspended after the formation of the SPA government.
Those suspended were IGPs of Nepal Police and Armed Police Force Shyam Bhakta Thapa and Sahabir Thapa, chief of the National Investigation Council Devi Ram Sharma, nine high police officials of the police including Madhav Thapa, Durja Kumar Rai and Chief Secretary Lokman Singh Karki.
The commission had, in a letter on Thursday, instructed the government to keep close watch on Dr. Giri and ministers Mandal, Rana, Kamal Thapa, Tanka Dhakal, Niranjan Thapa, Salim Miya Ansari, Jagat Gauchan, Senate Shrestha and advisers to the Royal Palace Sharatchandra Shah, Satchit Shumsher Rana and Bharat Keshari Simha.
After the first round of explanation, the commission will proceed to seek explanation from those in the second list. The commission said that those already sought explanation could be recalled if needed.
while receiving the summon letter from the commission, Dr Giri had reportedly said he would attend before the commission as ordered and that there was no need to use force for the same.

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