Saturday, March 04, 2006

Human rights, Democracy with rule of law

Kathmandu, March 4- Lawyers participating in the Golden Jubilee Conference of the Nepal Bar Association urged the King to immediately quit the post of the chairman of the Council of Ministers.

The lawyers demanded that the monarch depart from the post of the chairman of the Council of Ministers and shed executive powers as per the spirit of the recent Supreme Court verdict on RCCC ‘which has stated that the royal takeover last year was unconstitutional’.

During the concluding ceremony of their four-day long national conference at New Baneshwor Lawyers organised a rally. The theme of the rally was Human rights, Democracy with rule of law .

Lawyers demanded a Constituent Assembly that would draft a new Constitution and resolve the political and constitutional crisis in the country. They also demanded to change Royal nepalese army to nepal Army . This the the first time lawyers have express their view to nepalese army. They also argue elected person must control national security council rather than nominated person.

For recent crisis , the participated lawyers told that The house of representative must be restored and that will give the way to constitutional Assembly.

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