Tuesday, March 28, 2006

SC orders authorities to free Bagale

Kathmandu, March 28 - The Supreme Court (SC) has ordered government authorities to release recently-sacked sub-inspector of police, Hom Bahadur Bagale, from police custody.

Terming Bagale's detention as illegal, a division bench of SC Justices Sharada Prasad Pandit and Arjun Prasad Singh ordered his release Tuesday afternoon.

Police presented Bagale before the Apex Court today following Sunday’s SC order to produce him in person in response to a habeas corpus writ petition filed on his behalf.

The police headquarters dismissed Bagale, a sub-inspector with the Central Police Band, from his post on charges of indiscipline and breaching the police code of conduct, rendering him ineligible for any government in the future and depriving him of the pension for his 21-year service.

However, claiming that he was thrashed, tossed into dirty water and the top of his head was completely shaved off at the Police Headquarters, Bagale, dressed in an SI’s uniform, which was smeared in mud, and with apparent bruises on his body, entered the premises of Kantipur Publications pleading for help on March 21.

Police arrested him from the Publications’ premises while he was briefing journalists how he was “tortured” and “ill-treated” at the Police Headquarters.

Bagale claims that he has been made a victim “for going against senior police officers” which the Police HQ denies.

He also claims to have been arrested and tortured by the Kathmandu District Police Office back in 2002 and says has filed separate torture cases against his seniors at the Patan Appellate Court and the Apex Court.

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