Monday, January 22, 2007

13 ex-securitymen to face charge

The District Police Office (DPO) Chitwan on Sunday filed a case under the Public Offense Act against 13 ex-security personnel, following their arrest for vandalizing public vehicles on Saturday.
The 13 persons, who had earlier served in the army and police force, vandalized 26 vehicles at Pulchowk while demanding reinstatement of their jobs.
They had quit their job during Maoist insurgency. Forming a struggle committee, these "deserters" had protested in the district on Friday and Saturday.
According to DPO, protestors had also blocked vehicular movement at Pulchowk of Narayangadh Saturday. Talking to journalists, Deputy Superintendent of Police Maya Kumar Shah informed that police filed the case as they were found guilty of vandalism that resulted in loss of around 254,000 rupees.
Chairman of the struggle committee Meghnath Adhikari, however, refuted the police claim.

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