Monday, January 22, 2007

Maoist court slaps Rs 115,000 ‘fine’
Violating party Chairman Prachanda's directives to dissolve all units of their "people's court" and "people's government", a Maoist kangaroo court in Kailali slapped Rs 115,000 fine on one Bhagiram Chaudhary here kantipur reports.
On Saturday, four Maoists reached Chaudhary's house in Pahalmanpur and forced him to be present at their kangaroo court where they kept Chaudhary under their control for seven hours. The former rebels later released Chaudhary on the condition that the latter would pay the sum.
The Maoists have threatened to abduct and detain him in their camp if he failed to pay the "fine". "They freed me after asking several questions that created psychological tension," he said.
The Maoists had presented him at their court when a local Bajari Shing Bam lodged a complaint at the Maoist court against Chaudhary requesting the Maoists to recover Rs 147,000 debt "owed by his father Bishnu Chaudhary" about four years ago.
Bishnu, a supporter of CPN-UML, was killed by Maoists in the past due to his political faith.
A member of Maoist kangaroo court Suyog said they took him under their control for investigation as the case was lodged before dissolving the kangaroo court.
Prachanda had scrapped all units of such "courts" and "governments" on Thursday.

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