Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Arrested royalist ministers handed 3-month detention warrants

Three former ministers, who have been arrested on charges of instigating violence in Terai, were handed three-month detention warrants on Wednesday.

The district administrations of Kathmandu and Morang issued detention warrants to former ministers Kamal Thapa, Salim Miya Ansari and Badri Madal under the Public Security Act.

Thapa, the powerful interior minister of the erstwhile royal government, and Ansari were arrested from their residences in the capital while Badri Mandal was arrested in his hometown, Biratnagar. Mandal was shifted to the jail from police custody today.

The three royalist ministers were taken into custody on Monday night and Tuesday morning on suspicion of sanctioning miscreants to foment unrest during the protests carried by Madhesi groups in eastern and southern Terai districts.

Some 80 others, mostly the members of the erstwhile royal cabinet and King's aides, are under the government's watch list, who could be arrested any time, according to reports.

Eight people have died and dozens others injured in ensuing unrest in the Terai flatlands over the last few days

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