Monday, January 01, 2007

Bar association calls for review of interim constitution

Nepal bar association has criticised finalized interim constitution for adopting executive supremacy.

The meeting of the executive committee of Nepal Bar Association (NBA) held on Sunday has pointed out to the flaws inherent in the interim statute.

The bar has concluded that the interim constitution needs to be amended as it has posed challenges before the independence of judiciary.

"The constitution adopts executive supremacy. Therefore, the proposed statute should be promulgated only after it is amended to enable the legislative to check the excesses of the executive," the bar has concluded.

The bar has issued a seven-point declaration expressing its commitment to continue working in favor of fully democratic system for the purpose of vesting full sovereignty in the people. Likewise, the bar has also called for changes in the interim constitution to enable the retrospective effect of laws so far they are concerned with crimes against human rights.

The bar has called for immediate publicising of the Rayamajhi Commission report. The bar has also deplored the capital punishment against Saddam Hussein and has called for total ban of death penalty all over the world.

With the latest assertion of the bar association, the interim constitution which has already been finalised but is yet to be promulgated has fallen into controversy at a time when the Maoists are demanding its immediate promulgation.

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