Monday, January 08, 2007

RCCC men don't know who ordered Deuba arrest

Two members of the now disbanded Royal Commission for Corruption Control (RCCC) today said they did not know who had ordered the arrest of former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba.RCCC members Raghuchandra Bahadur Singh and Haribabu Chaudhary, recording their statements to the Ojha Commission, which has been investigating about the excessive force used by the RCCC, claimed that they did not order the investigating officials to arrest Deuba.“They claimed that they did not know who issued orders to arrest Duba,” a member of the Ojha Commission, Ram Prasad Gaudel told .
According to Gaudel, the two members of the RCCC also told the Ojha Commission that knew about Deuba’s arrest only the next morning.The Ojha commission also interrogated RCCC member Prem Bahadur Khati on sunday.
The government had formed a commission under the leadership of former Appellate Court Judge Madhav Prasad Ojha to investigate into the excesses of the RCCC.

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