Thursday, January 11, 2007

SC for status of 446 held by royal govt

The Supreme Court on wednesday ordered the government to make clear the status of 446 persons arrested and detained by the royal government and of whom nothing is known now.
A division bench comprising Chief Justice Dilip Kumar Paudel and Justice Tahir Ali Ansari issued the order after a hearing. The bench ordered the authorities to inform it whether the 446 were released or not.
The court is to be informed through the Office of the Attorney General. But the court has not fixed any deadline for getting the information. The court order was in response to three separate writ petitions filed by General Secretary of the Human Rights Organisation of Nepal Baburam Giri and few other human rights associations. The petitioners had sought the court order for the release of 446 people.
Most of them were arrested and detained on the allegation of being Maoists’ sympathisers.

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