Sunday, January 06, 2008

Adoption process for foreigners to be complete soon: Officials
Responding to the agony of American families as a result of delay in the adoption process, officials of Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare assured that their adoption process would be completed within a few weeks as they are waiting in queue.
The US-based Seattle Times on January 1 reported the agonies of Margaret King and other prospective parents due to delay in the adoption process in the country. King had chosen Ajaya, a 13-month-old orphan from a child home. The newspaper tagged the process a victim of politics.
All foreign adoptions had been in limbo -- including Ajaya's for a few months. But the government was forced to lift the ban following a massive pressure from European countries and United States. Within a few weeks, over 100 children were handed over to foreign foster parents.
According to the newspaper, some of the adopting families from Seattle have moved to Nepal to be near the babies and lobby at the ministry in hope of speeding up the process.

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