Thursday, January 17, 2008

SC to enforce security plan from Wednesday
The Supreme Court enforced its new security plan from Wednesday with a view to counter growing threats to judges and lawyers inside the court rooms in recent days.
The security plan aims at controlling entrance of people into the court premises and limiting movement of court clients.
According to Hemanta Rawal, co-spokesperson of the Supreme Court, only those concerned with cases would be allowed to enter the premises from now on. And, even their movement would be restricted only to the concerned bench where their case has been listed, he said.
In the past, anyone one who wanted to get into the court premises were allowed in.
From now on, SC judges will be accompanied by their personal security officers (PSO) even during hearings. The judges used to leave their PSO's out of their hearing chambers.
As part of the security plan, even judges, court staffs, lawyers and judges are required to produce court-issued identity cards to enter the apex court. Besides, journalists are required to hold cards to move from one bench to another for reporting.

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