Tuesday, January 08, 2008

SC judges furnish replies at PHSC

Supreme Court judges Rajendra Prasad Koirala and Tahir Ali Ansari on Monday furnished replies at the Parliamentary Hearing Special Committee (PHSC) to clear the way for their appointment as permanent judges. The PHSC said it would give its decision about the hearing on Thursday.The lawmakers had asked the judges about the dilly-dallying in the process of justice dispensation and the accompanying perversions in the judiciary. The duo expressed commitment that they would work to make the judicial sector more professional as per the prevailing democratic values.Both the temporary judges were recommended few days ago for parliamentary hearing. The PHSC had notified the public to file complaint, if there were any against the judges. But the PHSC so far had received only a single complaint against judge Koirala.Ramesh Prasad Paudel had filed the complaint against judge Koirala accusing him of manipulating the verdict against him in a land-related lawsuit. The verdict is against the earlier precedents of the Supreme Court, he claimed in the complaint. Not a single complaint has been lodged against judge Ansari.

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