Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Law on Sex Crime Victims' Welfare Must: AG

Attorney General Yagya Murti Banjade on Monday said that there is urgent need to promulgate a separate Act to protect the rights of women and children and HIV/AIDS patients.The recent Supreme Court verdict and guidelines to the government, prosecutors and all concerned, to keep secret the identity of victims of sex crimes and of HIV/AIDS patients while dealing with their cases, has the same capacity as a law, but ultimately there should a law to govern this issue, he said.He said this at a discussion on special cases related with women, children and HIV/ AIDS patients and secrecy related to them, organised by Forum For Women, Law and Development on Monday.Banjade also said that all concerned should strictly follow the guidelines.SC Registrar Dr Ram Krishna Timalsena said that the apex court would coordinate with the government authorities to implement the guidelines until a law is promulgated.President of the FWLD Sapana Pradhan Malla said that honouring the SC verdict and its guidelines would help respect the fundamental rights of women children and HIV/ AIDS patients.

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