Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Judges get a salary hike

The Interim Parliament today passed the House Regulation giving Parliament the authority to postpone the House session for upto four months. Earlier, the Parliament had the authority to postpone the session for upto two months.It also passed a separate bill amending the Act Relating to Judges Service Condition, Remuneration and Facilities (1996), thereby increasing salary, perks and facilities of the judges.The Interim Parliament has endorsed the salary proposed by the government. The judges have been enjoying extra allowances and facilities for a few months.As per the new provision, Rs 31,800 is monthly salary for CJ, along with allowances. A Supreme Court justice will get Rs 25,800 as monthly salary and allowances, while an appellate court chief judge will get 24,300 and allowances.An appellate court judge will get 22,800 as monthly salary and allowances, whereas a district court judge will get 18,800 as monthly salary and allowances. The judges have been enjoying housing allowance, fuel, telephone, and electricity and newspaper allowances.The House also amended a provision of the Legislature-Parliament Regulation 2064, enabling the House to postpone its session for up to four months.

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