Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SC seeks replies on Rs 1m per MP
The Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the Prime Minister, the Speaker and the Parliament Secretariat to furnish written replies within 15 days over the decision to give one million rupees to each member of parliament (MP) under the constituency development program.
Besides, the court also ruled that it would hold discussions on February 5 on whether the decision should be stayed for the time being. The apex court therefore ordered the defendants to be present in court to take part in the discussions.
Justice Ram Prasad Shrestha issued the order following an initial hearing on the writ petition questioning the constitutionality and legality of the government decision. In a controversial move, the government had decided on January 9 to give one million rupees to each lawmaker.
Similarly, the court also ordered the government to produce the files on the decision before the court on February 5 via the Office of the Attorney General.

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