Thursday, January 10, 2008

CJ forms panel to reform judiciary

Chief Justice Kedar Prasad Giri formed a committee to look into ways to reform the judiciary. It may be noted that yesterday, a study conducted by the Supreme Court Bar Association had recommended massive reforms in the judiciary.“I have formed a committee to look into the issue of reformation of the judiciary,” Chief Justice Giri told reporters after an interaction organised by the SC between judges and lawyers to resolve problems facing the judges and the lawyers. “I will do the needfulto resolve these problems,” Giri said.The committee formed under the coordination of district court judge Narayan Prasad Dahalhas joint registrar of the SC Til Prasad Shreshta, appellate court registrar Jivan Hari Adhikary and KDC registrar Krishna Ram Koirala as members.The Supreme Court Bar Association had said there is an urgent need to reform the judiciary and review the judges’ appointment process.At the programme, president of the Nepal Bar Association Bishwokanta Mainali said a new judiciary should be formed in a new Nepal. “We have to develop a new culture,” he added. Mainali added that judges have to correct mistakes even if prosecutors or investigators are involved in irregularities.Senior advocate Shree Hari Aryal called the Supreme Court and the NBA to devise ways toprovide speedy justice. Aryal, who prepared the report, said reforming the judiciary will be a tough task unless the NBA and the Supreme Court take the matter seriously.Advocate Prakash Osti claimed the judiciary is politicised as clients have been choosing lawyers based on political affiliation. According to him, the clients do not select lawyers who do not have political links.Advocate Balkrishna Neupane called the Supreme Court to decide backlog cases by appointing judges. “People have not been able to get justice because some of the courts do not have sufficient number of judges. On the other hand, there is no work in several courts,” Neupane added.

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