Thursday, April 27, 2006

Constituent assembly only way

Speaking at a programme organised by the Nepal Bar Association on Wednesday, Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dhungana urged the House to work towards holding constituent assembly election, forming an all-party government and scrapping all ordinances promulgated during the direct rule of the King.

"The time has come that the people get the right to decide a place for the King as kings have been deciding the rights of the people so far," he said. Dhungana, who is also one of the drafters of the 1990 Constitution, also said the constituent assembly would fix the rights of the people and the place for the King.

Member of the reinstated House, Subhas Nembang, asked officials who were appointed by the King during his direct rule and who had curbed the rights of the people to quit before Parliament initiates action against them. Also a former law minister, Nembang hoped that there would be no hindrance in going for election to the constituent assembly.

President of the Nepal Bar Association, Shambhu Thapa, said nobody should excuse a leader who involves himself in corruption and irregularities. "If we find any leader involved in any scandal, we will demand action against him even without giving him a chance," he added.

Senior advocates Basudev Dhungana and Bishwa Kanta Mainali urged the Parliament to focus on bringing the Maoists to the mainstream according to the roadmap of the seven-party alliance and the agreement reached with the rebels. Senior advocate Sushil Kumar Sinha said the Maoist problem should be addressed at any cost as it is the main problem plaguing the country.

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