Monday, April 24, 2006

NBA will supports on Tuesday protest

The NBA said that the lawyers will participate in the demonstration on Tuesday and support the political parties’ movement for restoring democracy in the country.“The NBA has decided to support the political parties’ movement. Therefore, every bar unit should actively participate in the movement,” the circular issued by NBA General Secretary, Madhav Banskota, states.
It also urged lawyers practising in the valley to participate in a rally on Tuesday.
Earlier this morning, separate meetings of the SPA asked its central-level leaders to join the top brass leaders from various parts in the capital for tomorrow’s demonstrations.
Meanwhile The embassy of the United States in Kathmandu on Monday has ordered mission family members, US employees and citizens to leave the country due to the deteriorating situation and ongoing security concerns after 18 days of pro-democracy movement and general strikes."Under ordered departure, mission family members and non-emergency American employees would depart Nepal as soon as possible. American citizens should also depart Nepal as soon as possible," the embassy said in a statement.

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