Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Royal Ordinances must Scrap : NBA

The Nepal Bar Association on Tuesday called on the parliament, which is scheduled to convene on Friday, to scrap all the ordinances brought during the King's direct rule.NBA urged the parliament to scrap the ordinances that had been introduced to curb the rights of the people.
It also called for the dismissal, and if needed impeachment, of all those officials of the constitutional bodies who were appointed after February 1 last year and who curtailed the people's rights.
The NBA also called the parliamentarians not to accept salary and other facilities for the last four years when the parliament was not active. "Though the House has been restored, the members should not accept salary and benefits for the time when they did not work," NBA president Shambhu Thapa said.
"Everybody should think of solving national problems rather than personal ones," he added at a press conference on Tuesday.The lawyers' body also demanded the House to impeach the Supreme Court judges and officials of several other constitutional bodies who curtailed the right of the people and worked against the spirit of the constitution. "Now we want to see action taken against those who were appointed in the constitutional bodies just because of their link with the King," Thapa said, adding, "We will not accept appointment of any judge without the consent of the NBA."
NBA general secretary Madhav Baskota called the parliament to form a probe commission to punish the security personnel and government officials who exercised excessive force to suppress the movement and to provide compensation to the families of the martyrs and persons injured during the movement.
NBA also called the government-to-be-formed to announce a ceasefire, call Maoists for talks, amend the constitution to pave a way for holding elections to a constituent assembly, and implement the roadmap of the seven-party alliance.
Meanwhile, the Supreme Court Bar Association also called the parliament to curtail the power of the monarch including the provision on succession and Royal Nepalese Army. It also called for a dismissal of the Rajparishad.

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