Saturday, April 29, 2006

Proposal on constituent assembly filed

The proposal by Prime Minister Koirala to hold an election to a constituent assembly has registered in House of Representatives .

Deputy Speaker Chitra lekha Yadav read out a written message from Koirala that proposed the parliament to hold an election to a constituent assembly.

“Implementing the seven parties’ roadmap and the 12-point understanding (with the Maoists) will be my first commitment,” Koirala said in the written message, “as per my commitment to go to constituent assembly to resolve the problems facing the country, I have registered a proposal to hold constituent assembly elections at the Parliament today itself.”

Koirala’s proposal, titled “Necessary Proposal of Public Importance”, said, “Based on the people’s feeling expressed through the peaceful, joint popular movement; the roadmap put forward by the seven parties in the people’s movement, and the 12-point understanding reached between the seven parties and the CPN-Maoist, and instutionalising the fact that …State Authority and Sovereignty are inherent in the Nepali people as established by the people’s movement, this meeting of the House of Representatives vows and decides to hold constituent assembly elections to draft a new constitution to give an outlet to the current serious crisis facing the country.”

“For this purpose, I also express commitment to hold immediate dialogue with the Maoists, declare a ceasefire, and ensure an environment free of fright and fear,” the proposal says.

Koirala’s proposal was supported by parliamentarians Madhav Kumar Nepal, Sher Bahadur Deuba, Lilamani Pokhrel, Narayanman Bijukchhe and Hridayesh Tripathi.

The House echoed with a loud applause when Deputy Speaker Yadav read out Koirala’s proposal.

However, no discussion could be held on Koirala’s proposal because of his absence.

The next meet of the reinstated HoR that will start at 4 in the afternoon coming Sunday will hold discussion on Koirala’s proposal.

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