Sunday, April 30, 2006

Three Nepalese jailed in UAE
Three Nepali nationals have been sentenced to a month in jail and a Dh100 fine each by the Court of Appeal in Fujairah for assaulting a truck driver while the latter was on his way from Massafi to Fujairah, Kaleej times reports

The Court of Appeal upheld a judgment delivered by the Fujairah lower court which had passed the same verdict.

According to court records, the Massafi police station received a report from an Arab expatriate truck driver that he was assaulted by three men, while taking a brief stop on the Masafi-Fujairah Road.

He said he was surprised when three men approached him, talking in some foreign language, before attacking him without any provocation.

The three convicted Nepalis have been identified as Bam B., Deck B. and Bahej R.

The Nepalis initially denied the crime. But, an Yemeni expatriate who witnessed what happened testified to their crime in the court.

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