Friday, May 26, 2006

Govt ordered to Release of 100 Maoists

Home Minister Krishna Sitaula told the House today that the government has ordered the release of 100 more Maoist detainees. He added that 467 Maoists have already been released. He promised to release the rest .

He said the government had asked the police administration to furnish a clarification regarding the reported misuse of police personnel at senior officers’ house.“I will inform the House after the ministry receives clarification from the police administration,” said Sitaula.

He said his ministry had issued directions that the hooligans, who have been creating chaos these days protesting against a secular state, be controlled.

“The government’s attention has been drawn and it will take stern steps against the culprits,” said Sitaula.

He added, “The government needs cooperation from all. The country is going through a sensitive situation, and plot-hatchers can take advantage from a small reason, so we need to take bold but cautious steps.” He appealed to the Maoists to transform the commitment in the 12-point understanding into action.

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