Sunday, May 21, 2006

NBA welcomes declaration of parliament

Welcoming the historic declaration of the House of Representatives-2063, the annual general assembly of Nepal Bar Association (NBA) has emphasized on its successful implementation.

"The Jana-andolan-II uniquely demonstrated to the whole world that a peaceful movement can also bring a historic revolution," the 17-point Janakpur declaration of the NBA issued at the end of the annual general assembly said.

The assembly also vowed to stand in favor of the HoR declarations.

The NBA through its assembly also stressed for the implementation of the 12-point agreement between the parties and the Maoists. "Both the parties should immediately take initiatives for peace talks, formation of interim government and constituent assembly," NBA urged, adding representation from indigenous, ethnic and suppressed communities was a must for the assembly. It has urged the concerned authorities to take strict action against those involved in suppression of people's movement and in the support of then royal regime.

Likewise, NBA urged the Maoist rebels to immediately stop extortions

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