Sunday, May 21, 2006

Professionals Meet Rayamajhi Commission Officials

Heads of several professional organisations met officials of the High Level Probe Commission headed by former Justice of the Supreme Court Krishna Jung Rayamajhi and demanded to immediately remove those officials who suppressed Jana Andolan.

During the meeting, commission officials said they will recommend action against guilty officials after investigating their involvement.

“We have expressed dissatisfaction over continuation of jobs by officials who suppressed people in Jana Andolan,” said, Bishnu Nisthuri, President of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists.
The Commission was also cautioned that their report should not go unnoticed as of the Mallik Commission, he added. He quoted officials of the commission as saying that they will recommend action against those found guilty.

The commission officials, including chairman Rajamajhi, listened to the suggestions given by the heads of the professional organisations and expressed commitment to take action against those responsible for the suppression of people during people’s revolution. The commission officials urged the heads of professional organisations to give evidence and documents to the commission if they have any.

The government arrested five former ministers on the recommendation of the commission in the charge of holding secret meetings to thwart the people's movement.The government also suspended Chiefs of the Nepal Police, Armed Police Force and National Investigation Department on the recommendation of the Rayamajhi commission.

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