Monday, December 04, 2006

37 Judges to Get Security Cover from Monday

The government authorities have completed all preparations to provide security personnel to 37 judges of different courts from Monday.

On Sunday, the Police Headquarters told the apex court officials that armed security personnel in civil dress will guard the judges round the clock. SSP at the Police Headquarters, Krishna Bahadur Thapa, discussed with Supreme Court Registrar Dr Ram Krishna Timalsena and joint registrar Durga Prasad Dawadi regarding the preparations.

"Armed security personnel will guard the judges," spokesperson at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Baman Prasad Neupane, said. Sub Inspectors or Assistant Sub Inspectors will be deputed for judges' security but they will not have communication equipment for a few months.
Eighteen Supreme Court judges, 16 chief judges of all Appellate Courts and three judges of the Special Court will get security guards from tomorrow. The government will provide security to the rest of 256 judges of the Appellate Courts and district courts in the near future.

The government move comes following an assassination bid on senior most justice of the Supreme Court Kedar Prasad Giri on Thursday.

Main while Advocate Purnaman Shakya said judges should have principally been guarded by the public, not the security men. "However, our society is not that much ideal to follow the principles," Shakya said. "If they perform better jobs they might not need security but it is not expected in a society like ours," he added: "The government's decision to provide security to the judges will encourage them to be independent while delivering verdicts especially on criminal cases."

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