Monday, December 25, 2006

Ojha Panel Grills RCCC Officials

The commission headed by former Appellate Court judge Madhav Prasad Ojha, which was formed to investigate about the excessive force used by the disbanded Royal Commission for Corruption Control (RCCC), has begun interrogating officials of the dissolved panel.

"Today we began interrogating Prem Raj Karki, the investigation officer and spokesperson of the RCCC, and Tunga Raj Pandey, a water resource expert associated with the panel," said a member of the commission, Ram Prasad Gaudel, on Sunday.

He said the panel would summon the RCCC chief Bhakta Bahadur Koirala and other members once it finishes interrogating few other officers.
On December 21, the commission had summoned former acting Chief Justice Bhairav Prasad Lamsal who had allowed the RCCC to arrest Pyuthan District Court Judge Birendra Kumar Karna. Lamsal, however, has not attended before the commission until today. "We hope that he will attend tomorrow," Gaudel said.

The commission has given three days for Lamsal to attend the commission office and give his statement on why he allowed arrest of Judge Karna.

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