Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Women against discriminatory laws
Women activists Tuesday said that the political parties should be sensitive to the discriminatory laws against women.Speaking at a talk programme "Future Strategy Meeting to Discuss Changes in New Laws and Challenges Ahead,"they said that all the non-governmental organisations working for the rights of women and the women representing different political parties should go hand in hand to abolish the existing discriminatory laws against women.Shova Gautam said that the laws recently amended by the government should not be implemented unless there is clarity in them. The political parties and the concerned non-governmental organisations hold discussions to clarify the issues.She stressed on awareness campaign right down to the rural areas to implement the existing laws at the local level, national level and international level. "Otherwise changes may take place in policy but there will be no difference in implementation level.
Member of Parliament Kamal Pant said that there should be 33 per cent participation of women in all fronts of the nation for the restructuring of the nation.The objective of the popular movement would not be achieved unless the government included the women and indigenous people in the task of nation building.
Advocate Sharmila Shrestha of Pro Public called for review of the existing laws in national and international level and awareness campaign on the impact of existing laws.She said there should be the advocacy and lobbying with decision-makers and the dialogue with concerned authorities to disseminate information on the existing laws.
President of the Forum for Women, Law and Development (FWLD) Sapana Pradhan Malla citing a study "The Discriminatory Laws against Women and its Impact"said that 173 different laws of the country were still against women.

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