Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cancellation of Chamati land pooling sought
Two hundred and fifty-five individuals have jointly filed a writ petition at the Supreme Court today, seeking to release the land seised for the Chamati Land Pooling Project.The writ petition lodged by the local people states that the land usurped for the purpose of the land pooling for the Project be released as it has been notified that the Project would not come into operation at present.Chamati Land Pooling Project and the Kathmandu Metropolitan City have been named as the defendants in the writ petition.Earlier, hearings had continued on an affidavit demanding for annulment of the interim order issued in the name of the defendants by the Supreme Court, calling for stopping the works and activities of the Project for the time being.
The Project and Kathmandu Metropolitan City had filed the writ petition demanding annulment of the interim order.
A joint bench comprising Justices Balram K.C. and Pawan Kumar Ojha is carrying out hearings in this connection. The next hearing on the case is scheduled to take place on March 16.

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