Monday, March 19, 2007

Most court cases related to land: Report
As in the previous years, the largest number of cases in the District Courts are related to land, according to the Annual Report of the Supreme Court for 2006/07.The Supreme Court reports states that out of the total 57,442 cases filed at the District Courts, 16,208 cases were related to land, 13,761 to family, 8,663 to transactions, 5,514 relating to misrepresentation, 2,417 related to murder, 1,486 related to burglary, 1428 related to beating, 1,257 related to looting and 1,096 related to defamation.Similarly, 766 cases were related to forgery, 717 to coercion, 506 to contract, 462 to narcotic drugs, 462 to rape, 266 to fraud, 247 related to foreign employment, 176 related to human trafficking, 74 to contempt of court, 63 to forest, 59 related to foreign exchange, 17 to killing of cows, 14 to gambling, 13 to revenue, four to election, three to corruption and 1,766 miscellaneous cases.

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