Thursday, March 29, 2007

Comment by Krishna Das Manandhar in his case

few weeks before we had published news SC justice refuses to hear bank default case in our web site .

Krishna Das Manandhar has send his comment in that news. We give space for his comment in respect that we give equal rights to all concerned parties to say about them .

Date : 28.3.07
To, The Editor,Kanunisanchar.comLegal News from Nepal

Sub. : Regret for the news "SC justice refuses to hear default case"

Dear Editor,
I came across your news published on 5th March,2007 with headline mentioned above and writing this regret message to you since this deteriorated news is highlighted on my case. As I am in study leave for pursuing Ph.D. degree and not in Nepal nowadays, I am bound to jot these few lines as clarification for you and the visitors of your esteemed site.
Obviously it is pity for me and the people who are aware of my petition against Nepal Rastra Bank, Rastriya Banijya Bank and Credit Information Bureau (CIB) that the legal news published by legal professionals is in rampant. Being a responsible Nepalese citizen, it is indispensable to clarify the case in brief as below;
1. First of all, I had not put petition challenging the black listing of Imex Tarade Ltd. as loan defaulter as wrongly mentioned in the worldwide Kanunisanchar .com news. Instead, I had filed the petition against the concerning organizations including the Banijya Bank which forcefully on the verge of prejudice enlisted my name to black list without truly supportive documents.
2. Yes, I was one of the founder director of the company but this company never received any loan and there were no such minuting ever to receive loan. However, we had once put application to receive bank facilities in future which was rejected due to lack of collaterals needed for the same.
3. So far I could follow during initial days of the case, the bank authority in illicit handshake with the chairman of the company and the witness Mr. Pradeep Kumar Shrestha, a director of Panchakanya Group had illegally dealt using banner of the company for a L/C equivalent to principle amount IC 30,00000.00(In words, Three million only) without any consent of the board of directors of Imex Trade Ltd. The bank has forcefully attached a mismatching minuting which we had put (again it was a day later the bank dealt personally with company chairman) for pre-processing as mentioned in clause no. 2.
4. The bank deal was completely intentional in the interest of Bank Staffs, the witness Mr. Pradeep Kumar Shrestha, and personally the chairman, Mr. Gopal Man Singh to put the company in controversy. Company obviously does not mean the chairman alone but surprisingly bank dealt with the chairman personally.
5. Since the company has never dealt with bank for obtaining loan, this case is not compatible to the other hot cases like Mahalaxmi Sugar Mills and is completely different one. Here the persons involved were the bank staffs along with the witness and Mr. Gopal Man Singh who illegally used letter head of the company.
6. The company was established with position of 20 Directorships along with the chairman. The bank dealt personally with the chairman for issuing loan without consent of Board in witness of Nepalese billionaire Mr. Pradeep Shrestha. With clean cheat to them, it is very injustice to enlist my name alone in the black list.

On the basis of all above clarification, I hearty suggest your world-wide spread media to publish such news only after going through the documentation thoroughly and drawing the views from my side as well. I have attached my petition herewith for your perusal. I strongly condemn the publication of this news and request you to clarify it again from your dot com news.
Anticipating your quick response.
Thanking you.

Krishna Das ManandharLecturer,Padmakanya Multiple Campus
Currently,Research ScholarDept. of MedicineInstitute of Medical SciencesBanaras Hindu UniversityVaranasi., UP.India

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