Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Extreme human rights violation by MPRF in Rautahat killings:NBA
Nepal Bar Association (NBA) has alleged that the Rautahat killings were a result of the weaknesses of the Maoists, the Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) and the local administration.
Issuing a Site Investigation Proposal in the capital today, the bar claimed that the death of the 28 people in the Gaur mishap was due to the combined follies of the MPRF, Maoists and the local administration.
The proposal blamed the local administration for not taking any steps, considering the seriousness of the situation.
The proposal states that the police remained “mute audience” while the Maoist cadres were being beaten up.
The local administration did not remain alert although there had been incidents of disputes in other parts of the country when MPRF and Maoist programmes had coincided earlier, the proposal read.
Furthermore, the bar has also mentioned that the Maoist leadership continued with their programme despite many requests to think again about rescheduling their programme.
The proposal includes incidents of extreme violation of human rights by the MPRF cadres.
It also states that the the forum cadres killed seven people on the spot after the clash and chased the others and took them under control and beat them up mercilessly before killing them.
11 of the dead bodies were found tied together in Hazmania, five kilometers away from Gaur.
The bar has claimed that the MPRF supporters had killed the Maoist cadres with bamboo sticks, stones and bullets and had even tried to burn some of them.
Furthermore, the bar, quoting the injured, has stated that the MPRF cadres had misbehaved with the women and even tried to burn their bodies.
NBA, an umbrella organisation of lawyers, has condemned the Rautahat killings calling it “inhumane” and “illegal”. The bar has demanded that strict actions be taken against the culprits.
Furthermore, the bar has also suggested the government to heighten security in the country.
The proposal was prepared by a six-member team headed by treasurer of the bar Savita Bhandari Baral.
Earlier, the team had carried out investigations and gathered information from local lawyers, residents, CDO, Police Chief and the injured.

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