Thursday, March 15, 2007

SAC decides to remove seven provisions from Party-related Bill
The Parliamentary State Affairs Committee (SAC) has decided to remove seven provisions from the political party related bill.
Wednesday’s meeting of the SAC has decided to remove the provision proscribing political parties to seek donations from individuals, organisations, international agencies and government.
Similarly, the meeting also decided to bar political parties from calling bandhs, organizing protest programmes and rallies in prohibited places and the provision of the local government officer deciding the places for the parties to organise programmes.
Also removed were the provision that had prohibited the parties from creating obstructions in the means of transport and vandalising public and people's properties while launching any protests, using minor in rallies and protest programmes, and the provision that required the party to receive at least one percent of total vote in general elections to become eligible for receiving grant provided by the government.
The SAC also removed the provision that required the party to make its annual report public within six months of the completion of every fiscal year.
The SAC however decided to retain the provision that seeks the parties to produce 10,000 signatures of its voters while registering the party.
Some clauses in the bill could not be finalised on Wednesday because of the division among Nepali Congress lawmakers and other parties' lawmakers.

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