Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Interim statute amendment bill to be passed today
Interim Legislature-Parliament is passing a bill regarding interim constitution amendment today.
The decision was made through an informal discussion among the government, members of the four major parties held at Speaker Subash Nemwang’s secretariat Tuesday morning.
The meeting has decided that the legislature will pass the bill for Interim constitution amendment presented by the government last month as it is, for now but has asked the government to initiate a comprehensive discussion for the second package.
The government had registered a bill in the Parliament Secretariat last month, proposing to amend the Interim Constitution.
The amendment bill aims to determine a federal system as the future model of governance, ensure proportional share of madhesi, dalits, ethnic groups, women, laborers, peasants, disabled and people from backward classes and regions in all the state organs and revise the current electoral constituencies.
The bill has proposed Constituency Delimitation Commission to revise existing electoral constituencies. The Commission is to be headed by a retired Supreme Court justice which will recommend the number of constituencies to be added in terai region based on its proportion of population. In hill and mountain districts the increment will be based on the population growth.
The Commission will take into account the transportation facility, community and culture of the local populace besides population, geographical feasibility and specialty, density of population and border of the administrative districts while revising the constituencies.
With the new provisions enforced, the number of the constituent assembly members, which were fixed at 425, will soar significantly.
The bill also proposes amending Article 138 of the interim statute to ensure that future model of the state would be federal. Ultimate decision related to restructuring of the state and the federal system will be carried out as determined by the constituent assembly.
The Council of Ministers will nominate 17 members to the assembly from among the people recognized for making significant contribution to the country. The number was 16 in the Interim Constitution promulgated last month.
The bill will be passed after a clause-wise discussion in today’s parliamentary session

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