Thursday, March 22, 2007

SC staffers halt works for two hours

Supreme Court staffers halted all administrative works for two hours on Wednesday to protest the statement of Chief Justice Dilip Kumar Poudel in the media that bribery in the judicial sector existed at the administrative level only.

The administrative works were stopped for two hours to protest the CJ’s ‘irresponsible’ comment over a recent bribery scandal, SC officials told reporters.

After the protest, CJ Poudel invited the officials and held discussion with the administrative officials in his chamber and assured that he would see to the controversies.

Media reports about bribery in the court have dragged CJ Poudel and some judges, along with administrative officials, into controversy.

The Full Court meeting of the SC on Tuesday formed a three-member committee headed by Justice Tap Bahadur Magar to probe the scandals triggered by the news about a CD containing telephone conversation between a plaintiff and a court official who ‘demands’ kickback to influence the judge for favoured verdict on a property case

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