Friday, November 02, 2007

4 serial blasts accused are sent to jail

Citing the available evidence proved their involvement in the two-month-old serial blasts in the Valley, the Kathmandu District Court today sent four blasts accused to jail.A single bench of judge Narayan Prasad Dahal sent them to jail in order to proceed the criminal charges against them following today’s initial hearing. Jagat Narayan Sharma, Sanjeev Sah, Upendra Sah, and Ram Lakhan Sharma were sent to jail.The bench held that since their involvement have initially been established, the cases should be proceed further keeping the accused in jail as per the Clause 118 (2) of Court Management chapter of Muluki Ain 1963.Two students of the Vishwo Niketan School — Anisha KC and Sandhya Khadka — were killed in the blast at Tripureshwor and ten people were hurt at Sundhara.The bench also demanded Rs 20,000 bail in connection with their involvement in the blasts. The accused have been facing two separate charges of killing the students and planting bombs in the public places.Other accused — Raj Narayan Thakur Sharma, Ramakanta Thakur, Ajaya Kumar Shahani, Dhuran Thakuar and Pashindar Kumar Baitha alias Phuchhe —are evading arrest. Main conspirators Kaushal Shahani, Jagat Sah, Babban Singh, and Ram Priya alias Ram Bhagat Shahani are also at large.Seeking their imprisonment to proceed the cases further, government attorney Yam Bahadur Baniya pleaded on behalf of the government and a group of lawyers, including Bijaya Kumar Singh, defended the blasts accused.Seeking life term to 14 accused, the Office of the Kathmandu District Government Attorney had lodged cases in the court on Sunday. The prosecutor charged them of committing the crimes prohibited under the Section 13 (3) and 15 of the Murder Chapter of 1963 Ain and Clause 4 (1) and 10 (1) of the Act Relating to Explosive Means 1961.If convicted, the accused will face 20-year life term as per the Section 13 (3) 1963 Ain for killing, and 2-year jail sentence or Rs 20,000 fine or both for being involved in the blasts as per the Clause 10 (1) of the 1961 Act.

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