Friday, November 09, 2007

SC to monitor military court

Supreme Court Justice Anup Raj Sharma said today that the apex court judges would regularly observe and monitor the military court like other public courts. “As the military court has come under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court we will regularly observe and monitor it,” Justice Sharma told .Yesterday, all the apex court judges participated in a dinner hosted by the Nepal Army in honour of Kedar Prasad Giri, who was appointed Chief Justice of the country.“We accepted their invite since the military court is now under SC,” Sharma added.Justice Sharma recently visited the lower courts in Kathmandu valley — Patan Appellate Court, the Special Court, the Administrative Court and the Kathmandu Revenue Tribunal — to observe lower courts’ decisions, an exercise carried out annually.Brig Gen BA Kumar Sharma, who is the Chief of the Legal Division of Nepal Army, added that the army would welcome the apex court judges for the monitoring the military court.“They will observe and direct us about the military court decisions,” he said, adding: “Now even a common man can watch the military court proceedings.”

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