Saturday, November 24, 2007

Notary public code issued

The Notary Public Council Nepal (NPCN) issued the code of conduct for notaries public with the objective of serving the commoners effectively.The NPCN has issued certificates to seven-year-old experienced lawyers to work as notaries public. They can verify, attest, authenticate public documents and affidavits. They can also attest personal certificates and translate them. Invoking Clause 37 of the Act Relating to Notary Public, 2007, the NPCN issued the code of conduct prohibiting the notaries public from involving themselves in corrupt and illegal activities and misusing theauthority delegated by the state. If any notary public is found to be involved in attesting fake document, he may be jailed for up to four years and be fined Rs 2 lakh.At a training programme organised by the NPCN today, Attorney General Yagya Murti Banjade called notaries public to be cautious while exercising their authority.Banjade, who is also chairman of the NPCN, called the lawyers to work in line with the authority given to them. Now the gazetted government officials will not exercise the notary public authority.

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