Sunday, November 25, 2007

SC judge points at lapses in interim constitution
A senior judge of the Supreme Court (SC) has said that the interim constitution has failed to build independent and effective judiciary.
Min Bahadur Rayamajhi, SC judge, suggested that the new constitution that would be written should correct such issues.
"Independent and effective judiciary and rule of law is imperative for the success of democracy. I think the interim constitution has failed in this regard," he said, speaking at a workshop on 'State Restructuring and Judicial Rights' held in Lalitpur, Saturday.
Rayamajhi said that provisions in the interim constitution such as authorising the government to deploy chief justice and judges; chief justice having to present annual reports to the Prime Minister; parliamentary hearing on judges' appointment; and inclusion of government official in judicial council as being against the norms of independent judiciary.
Meanwhile, at the same programme, another SC judge Anup Raj Sharma said that despite 'a big political change,' the working style and thinking of the courts could not change.

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