Wednesday, November 21, 2007

SC stays civil servants recruitment
The Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the Civil Service Commission (CSC) not to proceed with any fresh recruitment into government service until the provision on automatic promotions is implemented.
The Supreme Court order follows the CSC's recent announcement of new vacancies in the government bureaucracy. The order issued by Justices Bal Ram KC and Pawan Kumar Ojha affects thousands of aspiring candidates and also the CSC's annual calendar.
Staying the recent vacancy announcements by the CSC, the Supreme Court cited the Civil Service Act 2007 and said that automatic promotions in the civil service should precede any fresh recruitment.
The provision on automatic promotion says that no vacancy will be called until eligible government employees are promoted. The provision was controversial even before the Civil Service Act was passed last July.
Today's court order was in response to a writ petition filed by a number of civil servants moving the courts to stop the CSC from making any new appointments in the civil service.
The CSC has not been able to recruit for the civil service since the last two years due to delay in enactment of the Civil Service Act. It began the appointment process after parliament passed the Act in July.

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