Friday, November 30, 2007

Juvenile court opens in Morang
It appeared very strange for people observing hearings at the district court on Thursday. The district court judge was in the center flanked by two lay judges. They heard a case and gave a verdict in a case of rape against a minor. Thus started a juvenile court for the first time in the district.
Along with judge Nabaraj Upadhaya, psychologist Mina Koirala and social activist Aruna Kafle presided over the court for cases involving minors.
"Such hearings will be effective in giving justice to the people," said Upadhaya. The juvenile court has been formed as per existing legislation concerning children.
The court has a judge, two child psychologists and two social activists for the purpose. However, only three of them including the judge will hear a given case. They will make inquiries with the children not in the court but in a private room.
The child psychologists and social activists, who were selected for the juvenile court, have been given training for six and three months respectively in legal procedures.

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