Wednesday, November 07, 2007

No improvement in HR situation: NHRC
National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Tuesday said there has been no remarkable achievement in human rights situation in the country even after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) between the government and Maoists on 22 November 2006.
Making public the report on the Status of Human Rights under CPA, the NHRC said the law and order situation could not improve as expected due to the tarai movement, Maoist high-handedness and security force's reluctance to step in.
"Incidents of robbery and other criminal activities are increasing, but the police administration has not been able to arrest and bring the guilty to book," said NHRC. The report further said Maoists and tarai based agitating groups have attacked various police stations and beaten up and mistreated government staff.
Expressing serious concern over the deteriorating security situation in the tarai, NHRC said the human rights situation became vulnerable and fragile due to continued killings, abductions, arson and vandalism by Madhesi People's Rights Forum (MPRF), JTMM (Goit and Jwala Singh) factions, Madhesi Mukti Tigers Group, Tarai Cobra, Madhesi Tigers, Tarai Bagi and other armed groups including Chure Bhawar Pradesh Ekata Samaj demanding federal autonomy in Tarai region, and due to the other agitations in eastern and central Tarai.
"Acts of killings and abductions from Maoists has decreased a bit but human rights situation could not improve due to atrocities and acts of abductions, beatings, property seizure and donation campaigns being carried out in some places by the Maoist sister organization, Young Communist League (YCL)," the report said.
NHRC had collected information via various sources through monitoring and investigation in 37 districts of the country.
NHRC revealed that at least 115 persons were killed in various incidents including the Kapilvastu and Gaur carnage during this period.
According to NHRC, 30 persons were killed during Gaur incident, 11 persons by JTMM (Jwala Singh), 9 persons by JTMM (Goit), 5 persons by Maoists, 16 persons by unidentified groups and 5 persons by other parties.
NHRC also received information about the killing of 10 persons by Nepal Army and Police. The report also revealed that 15 persons were killed and over 47 people injured in stray bomb explosions. Similarly, the killing of 14 persons was verified in the Kapilvastu incident.
NHRC received a total of 726 complaints related to human rights violations through its various offices during this period. The highest number of complaints - 141- were related to abduction/disappearance, 140 complaints were related to torture and mistreatment and 102 were related to killings.
Expressing deep concern over the continued attack and threat against media persons, NHRC said the administration seems reluctant to take action against the guilty even after identification .
The bomb attack on a vehicle carrying media people and incidents of attacks and threats against human rights workers have increased insecurity among human rights defenders and media society, the report said.

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