Monday, January 23, 2006

Families of ‘disappeared’ persons seek justice

Kathmandu, Jan 23-The family members of over 100 persons who have been “disappeared” by the State gathered on sunday in the capital to raise their joint voice. Addressing an interaction organised by the “Society of Families of Citizens Disappeared by State”, coordinator Shanta Bhandari said that the voices of the family members of the disappeared people were unheard by the State.

The families want the government to search for the disappeared persons detained by the security personnel at different times. The victim families also discussed the issue with the members of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists at the latter’s office on sunday .

“We are tired of fighting the government staffers, both in the military and civilian establishments. We get no information of our dear ones, all detained under illegal grounds,” Bhandari said.Bhandari’s son, Bipin Bhandari, was detained in 2059 BS. She has over the years visited many human rights organisations and professional bodies but no one has helped her yet, she said.

Similarly, its been four years since Krishnadevi Prajapati has heard from her husband Satya Narayan Prajapati who was detained by the security forces without any reason.“I met my husband once at the Surya Binayak Battalion. Later, I was told that he had been moved to Kathmandu, but I have not had a chance to see him since,” she said. Same as, Laxmi Luitel, whose husband Devraj was detained by the security forces, has been seeking his release ever since Devraj was rearrested from the court premises on January 12, even after the court ordered his release.

The Society has made a list of 111 persons detained by the security forces from different districts.

Addressing the programme, FNJ president Bishnu Nishthuri said that the media would help the victims’ families locate their loved ones.

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